Commercial Security & Control Design + Installation

Cooper Technology Group creates commercial smart building technology solutions.

Cooper Technology Group offers many services for our commercial clients including security, fire systems, surveillance, access control, and audio/video. Having worked with country clubs, schools, municipal buildings, doctor’s offices, retail spaces and many more, we are well equipped to help you. We can work with new construction projects or an existing building.

Security & control design and installation - for office, warehouse, retail, and other business settings

Drawing on our many years of experience, we work with clients to assemble the best possible solution for their needs with a goal of creating simple yet powerful, scalable and flexible solutions. System components and configurations are chosen based on solid tried-and-true methods and components, using only quality manufacturers. Our focus is on helping our clients navigate the vast array of technology offerings to provide the best-fitting solution for their needs.

Commercial Security and Control Design - Assa Abloy, Resideo, Kidde, Honeywell, Vanderbilt Industries

Commercial Security and Fire

Security and fire alarm systems are key components in commercial building settings. Depending on a building’s usage group, various systems are required by code to protect people and property in retail, business, professional offices, educational facilities, government buildings and medical facilities.

Keeping the public safe in these environments is the responsibility of those who manage these properties. Cooper Technology Group works side-by-side with building managers and owners ensuring the proper systems are installed and maintained. We work directly with architects and building code officials to review system designs and install systems that have been approved. Cooper Technology Group gives you peace of mind knowing the job was done by the book, with everything up to code. We use commercial grade equipment ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

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Commercial Surveillance

Commercial property managers need to have their eyes on what is happening at their facilities. Whether it is watching children in a playground, or watching product move through a warehouse, camera surveillance plays a key role in every facility.

We design and install custom-fit camera systems to meet the needs of our clients. Systems might be as simple as a one or two cameras, allowing a secretary to see who is at a secure entry door. Other systems might have as many as 60 cameras to monitor large facilitiy operations for safety and security.

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Commercial Access Control

Access control plays a critical part of security today. Granting or denying access is essential to keeping both educational and businesses facilities safe. These systems can hinder attacks on facilities, providing another barrier of protection for the public’s safety.

We design and install access control systems that are easy to use and maintain. No longer do building owners have to keep track of who has keys to what doors, and who has access to sensitive areas within offices. These systems also track who went through what door and when, providing activity logs for audits – tagging peoples’ ID numbers to specific entries and exits.

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Commercial Audio/Video Solutions

Integrated audio/visual solutions can enhance both business productivity and customer experience. Internal solutions include things such as video conferencing and presentation systems, and public-facing installations can include everything from in-store/office music, to restaurant entertainment.

Cooper Technology Group installs a variety of commercial, professional and municipal audio/video solutions. Examples of these are:

  • Conference room audio/video presentation systems, including projectors, flat panels, wireless microphones, video conferencing systems
  • Entertainment audio video systems, sports bar TVs and audio, church and meeting room video and sound systems
  • Building paging systems for emergency messaging through phone systems

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