Commercial Access Control

Controlling access to, and within your facilities is key for security and safety, as well as protection of inventory and sensitive data or equipment. Granular control over all the automated rules governing who can go where, and when, and then having full logs of all entries and exits means both built-in accountability, and the ability to audit either to streamline, or after an incident.

Cooper consults with you to assess your facility, personnel roster, and then match them up to create an efficient setup which keeps things moving, while minimizing friction points, such as unstructured access to your assets.

An access control system consists of several key parts integrated together:

  • An electronic lock, or strike on the door, or magnetic door lock at the top of the door
  • A reader, which pulls in the information from a user’s key fob or access card, and sends the data to the control to either allow or deny the door unlocking
  • A control system which has the built-in software to control the door or doors

We install several brands of access control systems, and service many products that are in the field. Our core product line is the American made UTC Interlogix Truportal system. This system can support anywhere from 1 to 64 doors and is modular in design. It features a simple-to-use app that can be used on smart phones, tablets or any computer on the same network. Training is minimized by the intuitive menus in the system. The system can generate different kinds of reports on who used the system: by door, or by person, or time and date. This system also has the ability to be integrated to the TruVision camera system, making the two systems share data. Using this software, the system creates reports of door access with a picture of the person who opened the door. This software also allows remote management of both the camera and access control systems and can be used to manage multiple locations from one main office.

We are experienced in integrating different kinds of doors, interior and exterior, whether steel, wood, or glass. Our broad and deep background in installation scenarios means familiarity with all of the different hardware and setup requirements for all scenarios. Some of the hardware we install includes; mag locks, electric strikes, request to exit buttons, request to exit motions, card readers. We can also tie the access control system to certain fire systems.

We also work with you on system configuration and access setup, providing key fobs, and lessons on the control software so you can manage the permissions you wish to grant each employee.