Commercial Security & Fire

Depending on your requirements, there are a number of different panels available for burglary or fire, with the ability to expand and grow your system as you need. We professionally design your system to give you optimal coverage, and our experience allows us to create a security system you can have confidence in. We know what is necessary and what would be wasteful spending on your part.

Our security and fire alarm systems can protect a building by using the latest in detection technology, including motion sensors, glass break sensors, door switches, wireless panic buttons, smoke and heat sensors, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) duct smoke sensors, manual pull stations, carbon monoxide sensors, sprinkler flow monitoring, tamper and temperature alert switches, and kitchen hood fire suppression systems. Our fire alarm systems notify persons on-site by using notification appliances, i.e horns, strobe units to evacuate a building in case of a fire.

Kidde life & safety system

We use addressable systems which assign each sensor with description and location information, so our central station monitoring service receives the exact details of what is happening. As an example, if a motion sensor gets tripped in a school, we know exactly which room has been violated, or in the case of a fire, which smoke sensor has sensed a fire, enabling the fire authorities to locate the fire quickly.

All of our systems are backed up by auto recharging batteries, so they keep working if the power goes out (within battery capacity limits).

Cooper Technology Group uses cellular radio communication systems to transmit alarm information to our central station partners as a more reliable way to send information, than over the internet, or via land lines. There are no lines to cut to prevent communication, and the cell setup sends out daily tests so we know if there is a problem.

Commercial Security & Fire - Honeywell, Resideo, Kidde

Our business alarm systems can be controlled remotely by the owner or management, and can send notification texts when someone has turned the system on or off. The manager will then know that the employee has opened the store, has done so on time, as well as when the alarm has been activated at the end of the day. The system tracks each employee’s code and when it was used, allowing for detailed auditing. We also have the ability to have our systems automatically turn on and off by themselves if needed.

We use Honeywell and Kidde security and fire alarm equipment for our control systems, and service many brands of security and fire alarm equipment. We also provide for all our systems the required fire alarm maintenance and test inspection reports as required by code.