Commercial Security & Control Systems FAQ

Q: Do you use the same equipment in commercial installs as you do in residential installs?
A: It depends on the situation. There are a number of scenarios where commercial grade equipment is necessary. For example a commercial video display is a must in a situation where the display is running for most of the day 7 days a week. A normal TV would not last long and in most cases it would void the warranty if the manufacturer found out it was installed for commercial use.
Q: Are all these devices really necessary for my commercial fire system?
A: Yes. We install as many devices as are required by code. Commercial fire systems get a yearly inspection. Installing one that is up to code ensures a passing inspection.
Q: How do I get my fire system to be code compliant?
A: There is a code book that is enforced by fire inspectors. We use these as guides to help us make sure a fire system we install is code compliant. We can install any additional devices that would be needed to bring your system up to code.
Q: Can your company perform annual NFPA fire alarm inspections?
A: Yes we have technicians that do annual NFPA inspections for many of our commercial accounts.
Q: What happens to my access control system if we lose power?
A: We always install a battery backup for access control systems that can keep the system operational for some time. If the power is not restored before the battery runs out the system can be programed to either open all the locks or close all the locks. If your doors have manual looks that require a key they would still function as normal.