Professional & Retail Settings

We offer many services for professional campuses and retail settings, including: surveillance, access control, fire, security, and AV work. We have worked on reception areas, conference rooms, treatment/consultation rooms, retail spaces, waiting rooms, and lobbies just to name a few. Let us work with you to enhance your customer’s experience or boost security.

Some examples of what we can do for you:

  • Setup a sound system to play background music while customers are shopping to give them a pleasant environment. This can be hooked up to an internet service you are subscribed to or simply use your favorite Pandora station.
  • Install video displays with the Brightsign software to show customers any kind of specials you’re running or a menu. Brightsign is fully customizable, it gives you control of what’s displayed digitally in your place of business.
  • Install a full security system to ensure your business is covered while you are closed. You can program multiple user codes so you can keep track of who is arming and disarming your system.
  • Put in security cameras that you can access remotely. Allows you to always have an eye on your property even if you are not present.
  • Put in an access control system that would allow you to assign employees fobs that they would use to enter and exit certain areas. This would also allow you to restrict access to areas you want restricted.
  • Setup a conference room with a wall mount TV that can display what you are presenting from a laptop or other device.

You can use Cooper Technology Group for any number of these services. We can do a walkthrough with you to design a custom system specifically for your needs. We will do everything from running wires, installing the devices, and giving you a lesson on how to use your new hardware.

With our years of experience you can be assured we’ll work with your best interest in mind, we have the knowledge to guide you in the best direction for your unique set of needs.