The Home Security & Control Advantage

Historically, smart homes have had a reputation for making home operations complex. Unfortunately, this perception was often based on the reality of how many implementers set up people’s systems.

Smart home products and systems should make life simple, not more complex. Whether it’s simply turning on your TV and its components at the press of one button, or wanting to view children playing in the backyard, the goal is the same: Easy to use systems that provide the information and control you want, effortlessly.

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch control pad in home with couple

What Makes Up a Smart Home?

With today’s technology, we have the ability to integrate various home systems into a streamlined control and monitoring solution designed to make things smoother for you. This can include setups for the following:

  • Home security & surveillance
  • Access control systems
  • Home automation control
  • Home theater & multi-room audio

Today, there are many products on the market that can provide streamlined control and monitoring for the above systems from a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer. We consult with every client to evaluate what products and services would work to meet their automation goals.

One client wants to be able to control everything in their home from a single mobile app. They want to come home, tap an icon on their smartphone to open the garage door, and turn off the alarm system. A press of a button on the wall turns on a group of lights or tap another icon to start music playing throughout their home.

Another client values security above all things. They want to view through their phone what is happening at home, know if someone rang the doorbell, and see and speak to the person at the door remotely. They want to confirm their overhead garage doors are closed, receive a text if their home loses power, and also know when power has been restored.

It is important to build a system to meet current needs, but also to keep in mind possible future needs, and support for newer technologies that come down the road. We meet these objectives by using the right products, as well as having the knowledge and experience in putting them together so that they create a harmonious solution.

The following is a breakout of the smart home systems we provide.

Home Security & Surveillance

We install systems in new and existing construction that protect the home in case of fire or burglary, employing devices like smoke and heat sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, door and window switches, glass break sensors, motion sensors, temperature and flood detectors.

We strategically design and install surveillance systems based on a survey of your home, and property accessing your critical coverage needs. Every surveillance system is customized to fit our customers security needs. For all of these, we use both hardwired and wireless systems depending on the project’s needs.

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Home Smart Locks

The convenience of being able to remotely unlock or lock a door from your smart phone, and to get texts, emails when someone unlocks a door is increasingly popular. We utilize the latest smart locks from Yale, August, Kwikset, which have the ability to still unlock the door even if the batteries fail inside the unit.

Most new garage door openers have free apps you can use to control and know the status of your overhead doors right on your smart phone. We tie in with these, and can also integrate them into other systems like Control 4, which gives control of all devices in the home from one app.

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Home Automation Control

Melding home automation and environmental controls into your smart home setup means being able to secure your abode, and adjust the mood, all at the touch of a finger.

We offer various smart thermostats that can be controlled from your phone or tablet. Devices from Honeywell, Control 4, Nest, and Ecobee allow you to set different schedules, and they can learn your schedule preferences.

We use the latest technology for lighting control, using either Z-wave or Zigbee controllable light switches which can be controlled from your phone.

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Home Theater & Multi-Room Audio

We install a wide range of audio and video configurations: home theatre and surround sound systems, multi-room in-house, and outdoor music systems. Our solutions feature in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor speakers. For home theater, we can provide great sound utilizing the latest in soundbar speakers (from makers like SONOS, Denon HEOS, Niles, Polk Audio) mounted above or below a TV on the wall.

We can provide music in any location with control of your music right from your phone, tablet, or touchpanel, and fed by music streaming products from leading manufacturers like SONOS, Denon HEOS, Marantz, Integra, Onkyo and Control4.

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