Home Automation Control Systems

In addition to the convenience of smart locks and security solutions, other popular home automation solutions include lighting, comfort, and shade control.

Home automation is an excellent way for you to take complete control over almost any component of your home. We’ve chosen Control4 as our preferred smart home system solution. Using the Control4 system, you can integrate your audio, video, security, climate control, lighting, network, and much more. It’s a versatile solution that we can customize to your needs.

Control4 lighting and thermostat controls

Because powerful, flexible home automation provides numerous ways it can be set up, we always work with clients to create a custom-tailored approach to how you want things to function, instead of a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. Our extensive experience in this area enables us to guide you through prioritizing and optimization so that your setup is a natural extension of your needs, making life more streamlined, and avoiding “possibility overload.”

Control4 onscreen audio controls

Some of the things a tailor-fit Control4 system can do for you:

Lighting Control

Integrating with Control4, we can program lighting systems that control your lights both inside and outside the home. We can create preset “scenes,” so when a button is pushed, various lights can go on at certain dimming levels, allowing you to set the mood for the day or night. Your outdoor landscape lighting can be controlled by the system’s auto-adjusting astronomical clock to turn on and off lights automatically, avoiding the need to manually adjust lighting timers based on the season. The Control4 processor can track when the sun sets and rises automatically.

Using Control4’s seven-button programmable lighting keypads, and remotely-located smart switches, we can eliminate the clutter of so many light switches on the wall, making each button on the keypad trigger multiple light scenes, even tying in a button to start playing music as well. Turn off all the lights with the touch of a button from any room of the house, and even control all the lights right from your smart phones.

Comfort Control

Using smart thermostats, you can control your heating and cooling right from your phone, from across the room, or across the internet, saving on your energy bills. Most heating and cooling equipment manufacturers now incorporate the ability to allow this control.

The Control4 thermostat connects to your home wifi network, and provides you with control of your home’s HVAC system – enabling realtime adjustment, or programed configuration. Make setpoint adjustments, hold options, fan control and more. If you like your home a little cooler at night when you go to bed you can set up a schedule for the thermostat to automatically lower the setpoint every night at a specific time and change back to your normal setpoint in the morning. With Control4you can have an “on screen” graphic on your TV that allows you to control your thermostat with easy to use visual feedback.

Important to note: make sure you check with your HVAC contractor to know for sure, as some makers like Carrier need extra modules installed to work with smart thermostats

Shade Control

Controlling motorized shades in the home is also a great convenience, with either control from your phone, or a button on a lighting keypad, these smart devices save costs on heating and cooling. Setting a scene like “Movie Night” where with one press of a button your lights dim, shades go all the way down blocking sunlight, and your TV turns on is an easy way for you to enjoy the possibilities with shade control. You can also program the shades to sync with sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. Having control of your shades remotely lets you also protect your home’s interior i.e. furniture and flooring from sun damage. No more second guessing yourself after you’ve left your home.


Speakers wired back to a central location with a Control4 Triad amp can be controlled via phone app, in-wall touchscreen, or an on-screen display. Stream music from any of your favorite providers; Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc. [Are there other things we can unpack here? Can separate audio content be sent to separate places at the same time? Integration with things like home theater? How about more exotic stuff like tying into a speakerphone app, or a Ring doorbell (or similar)?]


This is a very broad section that can encompass many different variables. Control your traditional security system through an on-screen display virtual keypad. Tie in a garage door sensor that can tell you whether the door is open or closed. Display you security cameras on a TV screen.

And much more, find out all the options you have with Control4!