Home Security & Control Consulting

Stepping into a smart home is meant to make your life more easy and enjoyable. Figuring out where to begin on designing a smart home can seem like an impossible task. Let us help you, whether you want a full smart home experience or just a few rooms we should be your first choice.

Every time we work with a client to transform (or upgrade) their home with smart systems, we begin with a strategy session to help homeowners explore what is possible, what they want to do, and how they want to do it. We then bring our experience garnered from a large number and wide variety of installations to bear, and design an optimal setup that will maximize goals, while being guided by considerations of security, reliability, and future extendability.

Cooper helps you keep your family and home safe

We take great care in using manufacturers which have proven track records and have a good reputation of support. Our deep experience also enables us to fit together components and subsystems that we know work together optimally.

We meet with our clients to present the proposed design, and go over what products we can use, how we will implement them, along with the critical path timing from design through completion.

After completion, we provide training and support for their systems.

Each smart home is tailor made for each customer. After living with your new features you will more than likely give us suggestions on how you would like some settings tweaked , which we can change remotely.

Committing to a smart home can be an expensive endeavor. It requires a lot of planning to ensure proper installation and future proofing.

Benefits of using Cooper Technology Group for consultation on a smart home

  • Take advantage of our experience and knowledge regarding smart home systems. We know what works well, what makes sense, and what is just not practical.
  • Using a professional company from the start can help you avoid headaches in the future. Having an experienced technician troubleshoot a problem for you can be invaluable.
  • Form a personal relationship with your integrator. Someone that knows you will better understand what you are looking for in a smart home.
  • Know the limitations of a smart home. Expectation vs reality can be pretty extreme, especially if a system was not properly installed from the beginning.