Home Smart Locks

Security and safety are key ingredients in what we do for clients on a regular basis. Our focus is on helping them leverage smart, connected technology to make their homes more secure, and more convenient. The advantages of being able to remotely control and monitor an entry point can be vital when you are away from home.

Schlage smart locks - touchscreen deadbolt

These days, smart locks enable homeowners to control access via remote administration, as well as getting notifications of entry/exit, and status. Installing a smart lock onto your door can give you added security and flexibility by providing convenient control at your fingertips. Phone apps enable you to lock/unlock and check current status in real time. Need to let in an unexpected visitor, or maybe you forgot to check the back door before leaving on vacation? Not a problem. You’re covered.

We install a number of different smart door locks including Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale to name a few.

Real Life Scenarios

Imagine your alarm system just notified you of a water leak in the home that needs immediate attention. How will you let your service company in to the house when you are hours or states away from your home? Using a smart lock app on your phone, you can let them in and then re-lock the door when they have completed their work.

Do you want to know when the kids get home from school? The smart lock and alarm system can notify you that they are home and are safe.

Smart Lock Solutions

We utilize the latest smart locks from Yale, August, Kwikset, which have the ability to still unlock the door even if the batteries fail inside the unit.

Smart locks come in generally two physical types; deadbolt and handle/lever type and are available in several colors like oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, or bright brass. These locks have what is called either a Z-wave or Zigbee wireless transmitter built in, so it can communicate to a control system for remote control ability from a smart phone, or other smart devices.

The deadbolt lock has either a touchscreen or physical button numeric pad to allow you to enter in a 4-6-digit code to open or lock the door lock. Locking or unlocking can be done by an app on your phone, or by the pad on the lock itself. This type of lock has a motor which moves the deadbolt into the door frame to secure the door.

The handle lever type lock has the same ability as the deadbolt type lock, just with a handle to open and close the door. Normally you would not have both of the locks on a single door. However, if a door has both a handle lock and a deadbolt lock, we would just make one of these locks the controllable lock anduse the other lock as a manual override if higher security is needed at times. This allows the manual override lock to be locked or unlocked manually by someone onsite.

Kwikset smart lock - touchscreen

All of the smart locks we install can notify you of someone unlocking the door, and provide you with control to unlock and re-lock a door in the event you needed to allow someone into your home.

One important thing to remember with these smart devices, if the internet is down, you will not be able to control the door lock remotely. Most of the new smart locks have a battery terminal connection hidden at the bottom of the lock, allowing use of a battery to enable a keypad for unlocking the door if the internal battery has failed.

Today, most garage door openers provide smart access control as well, with their own free app to open and close the garage door, as well as indication of which position the door is in, open or closed. Some of these openers are not controllable by other equipment, and must only use the manufacturers app, but some are able to be controlled by other products, like Control 4, or Honeywell, so you can combine control of your opener and other smart devices within the same app. Our familiarity with the brands and devices allows us to specify optimal equipment in order to seamlessly blend these systems together, or not, based on your desires.