Commercial Audio Video Systems

Audio and video are used in almost every sector of the commercial building market. We design AV custom systems to meet the needs of users. What makes Cooper Technology Group stand out is our vast experience with the latest technologies and the access our customers have to our expertise. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to craft custom, optimized A/V solutions that powerfully meet their needs and opportunities. Additionally, walking through our strategic assessment and planning process with one of our experts makes for a pleasurable experience unmatched by other providers.

Real World Installation Examples

A typical conference or training room might consist of a ceiling-mounted projector with a wall screen, or large screen flat panel on the wall, wired back to a conference room table, where the presenter can plug his laptop into the cable and display on the projector’s screen or large flat panel. The presenter might need a wireless mic if the room is very large, and he might control his presentation via a wireless mouse. In this case, we would have flush in-ceiling speakers so that the presenter send a mix of his voice and computer audio through the speakers at the same time. These systems are popular today in almost every type of use group.

We also install audio paging systems that can be used for evacuation and/or for communicating announcements to various areas of a building, such as in a school or car dealership.

In the restaurant and hospitality industry, we install and provide flat panel installation for viewing sports, provide speakers for background music, and sound for large outdoor areas that require sound and paging ability.

For sound reproduction systems, we can set up a single zone of audio and make it simple to use with an app on your phone using SONOS or HEOS. We can also have it where each room is its own separate zone with a volume control that you can play different music using the same app. Or we can use an input that you may already have like a CD player.

There are lots of options in the world of audio and we can help you navigate them, working with you to get what you need for your specific situation. Once the install is complete you will get a full lesson on how your system works, how to expand the system if you desire in the future, and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. If you need a refresher sometime down the line, we’re only a phone call away.

TV screens can serve a wide variety of display purposes. Possible options include: security camera feeds, a cable box, a computer screen, Brightsign program, multi video feed and many more. We will help you decide what’s best for you, screen size, location, and mounting type.

We also install microphone and mixer setups for public address. Workout room, conference room, or auditorium.